Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The First Omnibus By Glenda Oloke Yr6

   The first Omnibus went click,clack and clot,
       It was driven by 3 horses on a very nice trot!
    But on the bus everywhere was a jiggle,
        It looked as if everyone was doing a wiggle!

     The second Omnibus had stairs at the back,
        for the sake of elderlies there was also a rack!
      The bus was born in 1910,
        when men looked at women's privacy- bad men!

    The third Omnibus as usual was red,
         there was also a roof for the drivers head!
     At the top of the bus was a yellow roof,
         and at the bottom an engine instead of a horse's hooves!

    The Routemaster was the best of all,
         it was so good that nobody would fall!
     While everyone enjoyed the ride,
         Adverts surrounded them inside!
     No conductors on a modern bus,
         you swipe your oyster which isn't a fuss!
     modern buses are very busy,
      eventhough they do not have a 'Clippie'

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