Thursday, 26 May 2016

Letter Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan                                                     25/05/16
Mayor of London (2016-20)

Dear Mr Khan,
I am writing a formal letter of persuasion to invite you to the servicing of a London bus project. To begin with, this project, which is led by schools, associates with an oral history of the city’s buses; from the early Omnibus to the new Wrightmaster. In addition to this, an opening day of what will soon be a worldwide film on the history of buses will be held.
Before I explain about the CD that is in process, our class has come up with new ideas that could contribute to London’s future transport. So many ideas (mainly on road transportation) have come to perception that you can receive some of these ideas: the Luxor bus is a streamlined double- decker bus; commonly ‘a train on wheels’, as well as free Wi-Fi, an observation deck out of glass, more folded- up seats for buggy or wheelchair space; and, if possible, a wheelchair lift at the back: to enable buggy/wheelchair space on the top deck.
As well as this, we would like to invite you to join us at the debut of the new film on Thursday 14th July this year (2016); starting at 10:30am in the theatre of the London Transport Museum.  In relation to the schools, every accessible detail were conducted or produced by the pupils. Not only the film, but a booklet written by the children of Gateway and Westminster Cathedral Catholic Primary school includes the formal history and quotes of ex and current bus drivers.  I would also like to draw your attention to the website; with access to the film, blogs and an oral history: Fares Please! An Oral history on London Buses.
Westminster Cathedral Catholic Primary School would also like to invite you to our premises. This could give you an in-depth understanding of the standard of education across London, which I’m sure is a priority.
In conclusion, I hope that you may well be able to see the project’s finished product.

With Kind Regards,

Stefanos Mulugeta- Year 6 Pupil of Westminster Cathedral School

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