Thursday, 26 May 2016

The diary of a 'Clippie'

Dear Diary,

I can't believe what happened to me today. A boy tried to get away with not having his ticket! But not on my watch! I'd seen that technique too many times. I asked him for his ticket but he just pretended that he couldn't hear me so I said a little louder " Can I have your ticket please?" and THEN he started crying!
me on the bus today
 Later on , when I'd finished my lunch, a bunch of girls tried telling me they had already given me their ticket! But I am not stupid . I had never seen them on the bus before,because they had just got on, but then the story changed completely to the fact that they were relatives of the conductor so he let them on for free.

The worst thing that happened today was that when I was on the bus some little boy ran past me and stole my ticket machine ! Not only did he leave a mark on my neck, because the string was around my neck, but he ran away with it when the bus started moving so I could not go after him. So I had to go back to the depot without my ticket machine. When the manager saw me he asked me what happened so I told him everything, exactly the way it happened. But he didn't believe me! He said that I probably just lost it or broke it and was making excuses! And when I told him that I was not lieing he said I was answering him back and then I got fired.This day was rubbish.

Till next time, Amber.

By Dian Pereira yr6

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