Thursday, 26 May 2016

Fares Please questions

Fares Please Questions
1.       What is your full name?
2.       What year were you born?
3.       Where were you born?
4.       What did you parents do for a living?
5.       Describe what London and the buses were like during World War Two (If appropriate)
6.       When did you start working on the buses?
7.       Tell us how you came to be working on the buses?
8.       What did your family and friends think of your decision to work on the buses?
9.       Tell us about any family members who worked on the buses.
10.    Tell us about how you were recruited?
11.    Describe what your training was like.
12.    Take us briefly through the jobs you did connected with the buses.
13.    Tell us about your favourite job to do with the buses.
14.    Describe your favourite bus type.
15.    Describe your favourite bus route.
16.    Tell us about your favourite garage.
17.    Tell us about some slang words connected to working on the buses.
18.    What have been the things you have enjoyed most about your work?
19.    Describe what you did on your break times at work.
20.    How did immigration from the 1950s onwards affect the London bus.
21.    Historically, how have pay and conditions for men and women been different?
22.    Tell us about any discrimination you might have experienced at work.
23.    What are your relationships like with fellow workers?
24.    Tell us about any social or sporting clubs or events you have been involved with through work.
25.    What has been the role of the union in your work life?
26.    How did privatisation affect your working life?
27.    What things at work have been the most challenging?
28.    Describe what happened on your best day at work.
29.    Describe some funny incidents at work.
30.    What was your worst day at work?
31.    Tell us about any accidents you have been involved in at work.
32.    Compare modern buses with old buses.
33.    Tell us about the main changes in technology over your working life.
34.    Why do you think the London bus is so famous?
35.    Looking back, tell us what you think about your time working on the buses.
36.    Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your time on the buses?

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