Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The diary of Catherine Kennington

Dear Diary,

I am so happy that my dad Eric Kennington,
was asked by H.T.Carr to paint heroes . As you
know, my dad is a sculpture and artist. But this time he
was asked to paint these two people Mary Morgan
and Albert Coe. Well Mary Morgan was on her bus
and stamping the tickets because she was a 'Clippie'.
Then out of nowhere, a bomb dropped and exploded and bravley
saved two children by moving them out of the way and she  
protected them with her jacket. Then Sir Alan Patrick Herbet
wanted to paint her. Mary got really scared and started to put
on loads of make up. I tried to tell she needed to show her
natural beauty. But she still didn't listen to me. Albert Coe's story
was very touching he made me feel I was there.Well he was driving
his bus when a bomb fell and made a huge hole  and his bus fell into the hole
but he survived. So he crawled out and started to drag the people who were
inside the bus to saftey. Now Sir Alan Patrick Herbet is going to paint him.
Albert Coe said he doesn't understand why he was chosen and he was only
doing his job.I am so happy to be part of this today. In my eyes these two are

Love Catherine Kennington.
BY Daisy.

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