Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Evolution of the London Bus

In 1829, London was chaotic. Everywhere was busy with carriages and people on foot. This all changed when George Shillibeer introduced London to the Omnibus! It was the first form of public transport in London. It could comfortably carry 22 people inside and was pulled by 2 horses. However, this invention led way to smaller companies to rise and take over the Trade! One of these companies was T.Tilling's 
Omnibus with a Top deck and Knife-board seating. Interestingly, Shillibeer made a private Omnibus fore Newington Academy for Girls, Making the first school bus. 

In 1910, the B-Type Bus had taken place. This time it was ran by L.G.O.C, London General Omnibus Company. Shortly after the B-Type was introduced, World War 1 broke out. This led to the B-Type going to war. This gave it the nickname "Battle Bus"as it transported troops to and from the battlefront. 
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21 years later, the Diddler Trolley Bus came to London. This was the first tram without rails, instead, it had wheels. It still ran on electricity,but was soon scrapped due to the mass amount of electric cables.

8 years later, the RT was introduced. It was the Father of the RM Bus. Many bus drivers hold the RT dear to their heart. This bus was the first modern design of the Hop on, Hop off mechanism.This Bus had the resemblance of a Trolleybus but ran on an independent engine.

Then, In 1959 London said "Hello" to a new type of bus. Some consider this bus an old legend. Others think the men who designed it were living gods. The RM- Type Bus.The Routemaster. This bus was the Symbol of London, it's heritage passed on to buses of today. Unspeakable recognition. The Brits immediately fell in love with this bus. No bus had been more celebrated than the Routemaster. The last Routemasters drove through December,2005. 

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The latest version is the 2012 New Routemaster, With the back door, the red paint and the unbeatable recognition of the London Buses. 

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By Ryan Chavez Hope and Samuel Franco-Halilli

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