Thursday, 26 May 2016

A London bus conductor

My name is Sulil and I am a bus conductor.I am originally from Barbados
and I came here beacause I was given a job as a conductor.

It is really fun driving all day and visiting new places. I love meeting new people and making tthem smile.Very rarely, I have to send someone of the bus for bad behaviour.The worst thing about my job is that I have to help the driver clean the mess that passengers make such as mud on the seats. To prevent this from happening we have new rules to make our job easier.

Once, as I was doing my job, People came to me and said I shouldn't be doing this job because I did not come from london. I thought that was mean because everyone is equal and we all deserve the same amount of resspect.

Even after this incident I still love my job!

By Glenda Oloke

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