Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The diary of Albert coe by paola

               Dear diary                                                               14th October 1940

  I'm Albert coe and i am from England! l am also a bus driver.
 I was on the 88 bus on 14th October 1940, when it all happened. The big explosion!

            This is how it all happened!

  I was driving my very nice bus on a very nice day, everyone was enjoying themselves. But                 then it all happened the.....big EXPLOSION! A really big bomb hit my beautiful bus, but
 that is not it, it fell into the BHL station and killed 68 people.(can you imagine that!)   It was really hard trying to save all of those people. I tried my best to save them. But i did find a way to save them, I dragged as much of the people I could, and took the out of the bus. I    don't know how much people I saved.

                                             "I can't make out why they chose me"
                                                          Quote by ,Albert coe

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