Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mary Morgan Saved My Life

Dear Diary,

Oh my I can't believe what has just happened I am so shaken up but feeling so grateful to be alive...
I was walking down the street minding my own buisness I watch the buses go by, I see people smiling, laughing just enjoying life.

Well I just started to walk home when a hear a yell " Get Down, Get Down!! " At first I pass it off as a mother telling her child to get down of a wall or something but no....just a few seconds later I hear and explosion I curl up in to a ball thinking ' this is it? really...? ' but I dont feel anything I look up to see a middleaged women sheilding me and another child with her jacket she appeared to work on a bus maybe a 'clippie' I look up at her tears escaping my eyes she gave me a warm smile that calmed me down somehow I smiled gratefully up at her giving her a hug she hugged me back and the other child " Thank you " I said happiness filling my voice " You saved my life " I finished she smiled lightly and put a hand on my shoulder " I'm Mary Morgan and anyone would've helped " And with that she left as did the other child I raced home to tell my parents how a women by the name of Mary Morgan just saved my life and I couldn't be more gratefull that she was there otherwise I wouldn't be here....Mary Morgan Saved My Life.

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