Wednesday, 25 May 2016

London Transport library by Paola and Ines

On Tuesday the 24 May, the writing group were split in to, two groups one for art and writing.The writing group got to go to the library,but did you know that we were the first class ever to be in there?It was In London Transport Museum.

First the writing group went to the library and we heard: stories about the old buses and bus drivers, we asked questions and we had a little mini quiz. One of the stories we had heard was about a boy and a bus driver. The bus driver saw a little boy crying and said 
"What is wrong oh, dear child, " The little boy said crying
" I am lost and I have no money!" So the bus driver went to the police station and handed him in!
But you will never know what the police man said,
"Oh not you again I have had enough of your silly jokes!" "This boy comes every day and plays this joke on us just because we give him milk and biscuits every time." 

Then we got to look around the library. I never knew that there was so much books on transport!!! I found a book with poems that people wrote about transport. I also saw a book about all the bus drivers and people who went to war.

Finally we put our books away and sat down. The lady asked us a little quiz we got all of them correct, it was only four questions. But the best thing is that the man gave us..... real I mean real tickets from the buses in the olden days. They used these tickets to get on the bus instead of oysters.

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