Thursday, 26 May 2016

London transport acrostic poem

     Lot's of buses, Lot's of trains,
   Omnibuses were the first ones,
   None of the vehicles are not incredible,
     Don't try to hide from the tcket inspector and not pay!
   Omnibuses are still much loved today,
   Never be rude to the bus drivers (they'll kick you off the bus!)

   Trains are also a big part of London transport.
     Rain was an issue with the first omnibuses, as there was no roof!
     A lot of B-Tybe buses went out to war.
     Not everyone could afford a ride on an omnibus-It was a whole sixpence and a shilling.
     Some people tried to make a runner when the ticket inspector came around on those old buses...
     People were amazed by these incredible ideas, but not everyone liked the idea of a bus that's not           powered by horses... it was called a motorbus, considered way ahead of it's time by most.
   Omnibuses were top-notch tech back when they were brought to London-Like hoverboards today!
the Routmaster is the most popular bus-It also started the well-known red-bus tradition!
   They are now called Transport for London (or tfl)...

by Erik Kunz 

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