Thursday, 26 May 2016

Routemaster Acrostic Poem

Rushing down effortlessly, as slick and fast as a jet.
Omnibuses didn’t stand a chance against this scarlet treasure of London.
Ushering passengers in as quick as possible: to continue the long journey.  
Tranquil atmospheres linger around the bus; ensuring comfort’s presence.
Elegantly swerving from, as it turns among London’s cobble ways.
Mourning over the buses of the past: its great ancestors.
Auburn paint enveloping the well-made structure.
Ssanitized from the distant world of yesterday’s buses, an what is coming.
The Routmaster has come and went, but will be the city’s lasting icon.
Evening lights com on at night, caring for passengers’ sight.
Roars from the vibrant engine travel through the raging fire within.

By Stefanos Year 6: WCPS

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