Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Routemaster Bus

R iding on the cobbled streets of London.
O ver-taking small, useless, minucle cars.
U nspeakable red, shining beauty winking as it rides by.
T ransfixed people looking jealously, saving up six pence and 1 chilling every day.
E xcitedly pouncing on ready to glide through the pardise streets.
M emorable experiences to remember for a life time
A gitated children looking out the window or pretending to sleep!
S leep or sneak you're always caught out by the conductor.
T ake a chance, you're kicked off the bus!
E nchanting the children as it rattles down the street.
R outemaster, roll, Routemaster, meet!                                                    By Roisin Bunting

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