Wednesday 8 June 2016

Wednesday in school

After 2 days of trips, we are finally back at school where we are starting our project. When we got in this morning, the film group continued training how to use the cameras and our writing group was with Sav and Mr Goodsir learning how the blog works.

After break, all the project people gathered together with Matthew, Sav and Mr Goodsir (my teacher). We were split into our drama groups from Monday and thought of lots of questions we could ask the people we were going to interview on Thursday. While we were thinking of questions, Sav and Matthew came around to every group to see how they were going on with the questions.

Next, we shared our questions with everyone and typed them onto the whiteboard ready for tomorrow. Then it was lunch.

This afternoon, the writing group are starting typing up their blog on iPads and the filming group are still training for tomorrow. We're looking forward to the interviews!

From Tabassum and Samira.

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