Thursday 9 June 2016

Our Journey To The London Transport Museum Depot

On the 27th May 2016, we were invited to go on a spectacular trip to the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton (LTMD).  An old Route Master was waiting for us outside the school gates. It was a massive surprise for all of us. Unfortunately, when we were boarding the old bus, we noticed that another school was sitting on the top deck. We were so disappointed but didn’t let it show on our faces.

When we were going to the depot, we were all really excited because we had never been there before. It took a long time to get there because we went on the A40. It was quite unusual because a bus never goes on a motorway!

Sav and Matthew, the people working with us on the project, introduced us to 2 time travelling people from the past. There was a conductor, Cecil, and a clippy, Violet, who explained how the bus worked. They were really funny and were telling each other to get off the bus.
When we arrived, we got out and turned around to stare at the enormous building. Before our eyes was the LTMD. Inside the massive Depot, there were ancient artifacts and olden vehicles. We were lucky enough to get inside some of them. The museum curator and the staff were very kind and we thanked them for giving their time to us. Our knowledge of buses has increased hugely because of them.

As we left the building, the other school agreed to let us sit at the top - We really appreciated that. When we were close to the entrance, all of us dashed toward the front seat to get the best view but we noticed that the 2 time travelling people were occupying the seats. They were trying the deny that it was them but we knew that they were lying. Some of us sang songs on the way home to pass the time.  When we reached the school it was a great ending to the day. All credit to our wonderful teachers and all the staff at London Transport Museum Depot.

By Aman & Ahmad

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