Thursday 9 June 2016

About Cecil

Cecil: How I Became a Bus Driver
I was walking down the street of Barbados when a young man came and asked me if I would like a job in England, since they were having a problem hiring enough workers in Britain. They said it was something to do with London transport and that interested me even more. But I already had a job in Barbados - I thought about it and then I decided to go to England because I decided that I needed to make money and wanted to see another part of the world.

So I made it to England three weeks later, after saying goodbye to all of my family and friends. It was really hard as some people were racist and it was hard to get used to a new culture. I was looking forward to my new job of being a conductor on an RM (although I honestly I don't know what it stands for). After a while I found my place in the London transport community. And I found out RM stands for Route Master!

By Abbie,  Aya & Ali

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