Thursday 9 June 2016

Interview Questions

Questions for interview

Tell us about how you became a bus driver.
What was the skid test like?
What things do you hate most about your job?
What things do you enjoy most about your job?
What kind of buses have you driven?
What would you do if your bus broke down?
What is the most dangerous situation you have ever dealt with?
Why do you love buses?
What is the most stressful thing about bus driving ?

Today we met three bus drivers Roy, Terry and Mike .
Terry came in and talked about his time as bus driver
and his experiences .We interviewed him and he answered
all of our questions some of them were funny and some of them were
very interesting.Mike came in with lots of old bus items like a
gibbon machine, Mike showed us how it worked and a ticket came
out. The pictures were very exciting , because in the pictures Mike
was driving through a big bridge in Paris . Roy came as well and he
also answered our questions with a unique set of answers.
However,the thing Roy did different was that he preformed some
magic tricks. We learnt a lot about buses from the visitors today and
We will learn more later on .

By Sirah and Fatima

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