Thursday 9 June 2016

The Diary Of Mary Morgan

Dear Diary,
Yesterday I was contacted by the artist Eric Kensigton which made me surprised. He told me to come to the studio so he could paint my picture. He said that I saved little children from a bomb blast and protected them with my body. I was shaking with fear and my knees were wobbling. As I put makeup on, I looked in the mirror and gulped.

When I went into the studio, I was nervous that I had applied too much makeup. Slowly I walked in and I saw Albert Coe and Eric Kensigton waiting for me at the back of the studio. As they were looking at me, Eric Kensigton told me to come over so he could paint my picture - but told me that first I needed to wash off all my make up! I'd put too much on!
I rushed to the toilet and washed my face.

I returned back and was painted. It am nervous to see how it turns out!


by Tabassum and Samira

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